Alaska, September 7 - 10, 2004 

I went to Alaska on a quick business trip, but had time to catch a few sights.  Ate lots of salmon and halibut, but didn't see any bears.  My return flight from Fairbanks was a killer: departed (as scheduled) @ 2:35am on Friday, arrived in Seattle 6:30am PT, flight to DC lifted off @ 9:00am, arrived Reagan National 4:30pm Friday.  Long day!

(click on a thumbnail to see the large version)

Cook Inlet: As in Captain Cook.  Approximately 20 miles southeast of Anchorage.  I took these my first afternoon in Alaska.  Temperature was 62...beautiful!

Snow Blower Train: on display at a scenic turnoff along Cook Inlet.

Alaska Pipeline: Another beautiful day, about 10-15 miles outside of Fairbanks. Read the emergency indicators!

Alaska Route 1: About 10 miles west of Fairbanks.  Autumn in Alaska.